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# Archive of Belonging

This is the development space for the Archive of Belonging website.

- → Current live website: https://archiveofbelonging.org.
- → Content Management System: https://api.archiveofbelonging.org/admin.
- → CMS documentation: https://karls.computer/archiveofbelonging.org/back.


### Development

The back-end is a Strapi application. Instructions are under [back](back).  
The front-end is built with Vue. Instructions are under [front](front).

First, clone the repository
git clone git@github.com:karlmoubarak/aob.git
cd aob

Start the back-end server (Strapi)
cd back
npm install
npm run develop

Start the front-end server (Vue)
cd front
npm install
npm run serve

Build, configuration, and production instructions for both front and back end servers are in their respective directories.

### Authors

[Karl Moubarak](https://moubarak.eu) and [Ilja Schamlé](https://iljaschamle.website/).

### License 

This project is protected under the [Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International](LICENSE) license. In short, this means that you are allowed to copy, appropriate, and even profit from this material, but you are required to republish it under the same license (it stays in the public domain).