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# The Hmm's audio repository for AI anxieties

Node application that serves a set of webpages statically, that display an arxhive stored on a json file on disk and a web UI to record and submit audio files.

File server is Express
Template engine is EJS
Databse is stored on disk as a CSV file

## Environment

This project was set up with Node version 18.16.

Copy the .env.example file to .env
cp .env.example .env
Edit the environment variables to your liking.
TITLE="AI Hotline"
## Development

Install the required libraries
npm i
And run the development script
npm run dev

This uses the `nodemon` command to run the application with hot reload when changes are made. To run the application without hot reload:
npm run start

## Deployment

<!-- to do -->

## Authors

Forked and tweaked by Karl from [Mumories](https://github.com/hackersanddesigners/mumories), which was co-authored by Karl, Artemis, Simon, Margarita, Sofia, Victor, Angelique as part of INC's Going Hybrid / Living Archives working group.

## License

This repository is published under the [CC4r*](LICENSE) license.